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MORE Pin-up Captain America from Colossalcon by yenra!!!  Ken is such a phenomenal photographer.  Anytime he sends me pictures, I’m speechless and giddy!!

I love bluenovacosplay

Mydia cosplay by whatthehaps - photoset on Yenra Photography


3am dress jade and Bec noir from Otakon
The photography is by a wonderful photographer and his company’s name is Yenra photography please check me out its worth it!!!

Jade- me
Bec- xagave
Photos- yenra

This was fun!


Can I just say how much I love yenra? Cause I do. <3

Love <3 


My coordinate for Otakon 2014 Saturday. <3 This is really late, but oh well! Haha!

Blouse: Infanta
Encharpe/rosette: Truly Darling
Shoes: Bodyline (painted)
Wristcuffs: Peacockalorum
Headbow/Barette: Angelic Pretty
Dress: Angelic Pretty

Cape is handmade~

Photo’s by yenra photography. <3

My Lolita

Happy Birthday Kotori (Doki Donut Cosplay) from Yenra Photography


Photographer: yenra 

This was a wonderful way to end Otakon.
Yenra Photography


New photos up of my Danaerys Targaryen cosplay from Colossalcon!

All photos taken by Yenra Photography

Anemone from Eureka Seven cosplayed at Katsucon by Angelipon

Anemone from Eureka Seven cosplayed at Katsucon by Angelipon